Why Kindness Matters from a 7 year old

Friends sometimes ask me why I am so in LOVE with Kids for Peace. I am a chapter leader for my neighborhood and on the Programs Committee, getting to help organize things on the broader scale for this non profit organization. Kids for Peace is volunteer run. There is only 1 paid employee in the entire organization. Basically you are teaching kids to become Peace Leaders, through art, volunteer activities and understanding diversity. We have done different activities from making dog toys for The Humane Society to drawing out posters of “What Peace Means to you”.

This week was The Great Kindness Challenge. Basically it is one week devoted to the kids in the school doing kind acts. I have become HEAVILY involved in the program that has been happening this week. It has been really fun, and have even been getting excited emails from other parents, how amazing the program has been for the school. I even ran into one mom at a coffee shop whose kids go to a different school, telling me how great the week has been.

My son decided to make the Kindness Matters poster tonight, one of the items on the checklist, and it was a pretty insightful clip about kindness I had to share !!

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