We have a winner

So we have had a wonderful giveaway happening over the past few weeks.

Kids for Peace, Next Generation Yoga, Kathryn the Grape and I all did a giveaway of ALL of our products to help inspire children.

The winner of $130 worth of positive products is …………………..Astrid Laurencea

Congratulations 🙂

I have been so thrilled to be able to align with other businesses that have the same mission and passion as I do for what they do for children.

Alot of people have asked me how they can order these products if they didn’t win the giveaway, so I am listing that below:

My company, Positively Kids, is developing multi-media entertainment products to help children at an early age learn the power of positive thinking. By harnessing the power of pure entertainment to deliver messages of positivity and empowerment, the “Captain Positive: Be Happy” Music Album, can help teach kids coping skills, and give them tools to help build self esteem and confidence. The secret is in learning by entertainment. They don’t even know that they are learning, these wonderful messages are just seeping in. You can order “Be Happy” or hear samples of our music on Amazon.

Kathryn the Grape offers children a vibrant mix of priceless resources filled with important life lessons that will last a lifetime! Shop and save with their summer special of any combination of 3 KTG items for only $40! To purchase and find out more about Kathryn the Grape’s award winning books and new music CD, go to www.kathrynthegrape.com

Jodi Komitor, founder of Next Generation Yoga, has created an educational, creative & fun yoga routine for kids! Using the big Pacific humpback whales as inspiration, Jodi teaches yoga stretches and breathing techniques that imitate the movement and behavior of these giants of the sea. This makes the yoga experience enjoyable, imaginative, and exciting for kids ages 2 and up. To purchase or learn more about Next Generation Yoga go to www.nextgenerationyoga.com. Oh and to see their wonderful Free Whaley Eye Pillow check it out here 🙂 Free Whaley Yoga Pillow

The children of Kids for Peace, authored the book “Peace through Our Eyes”. The book was inspired by one simple question, “What does peace mean to you?” In this beautifully illustrated book, children wisely answer that question. This truly is a work of hope and inspiration. To learn more about Kids for Peace’s wonderful products go to www.kidsforpeaceglobal.org

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