Relieved And excited

Most of you are aware of the video we are making for kids, its something I have been working on for the past year. I came up with the concept of Captain Positive last year, when I realized it would be amazing to have my children learn how to do and say affirmations daily. Its something I teach them myself, but I thought it would be even more effective to have a character show them. I’ll never forget watching Nemo with them a year and 1/2 ago, and seeing my son repeat what Gill said–“You got yourself in there, you can get yourself out”. My daughter got stuck in something and he told her that, and I realized truly how much children learn from what they see and hear. The first video is on the affirmations “I choose to be happy” and “I love to smile”.

Captain Positive is so funny and so engaging, the kids are going to fall in love with him, laugh with him, and will be learning at the same time. I have been collaborating with a neuropsychologist, a parenting coach , and teachers on the project. I have done 3 full on video shoots for this video, and the first 2 were not what I was picturing so I kept reshooting, and kept trying to get what I was picturing right. Friends of mine with a tremendous background in theater/acting got involved, and really brought the fun into the character while maintaining the concept I had in mind. We just finished the video shoot last weekend, and I am happy to say after a full week of shooting this time around, we got it right. We were laughing out loud with how funny and engaging the character and the kids were. I got really lucky with the kids that are in the show. I not only wanted the character, I wanted real life kids so other kids could model them.

We already finished the music cd, Which I have to say is even better then I pictured 🙂 I will be sharing the “Sharing our Smiles” song with you in the next month. I am not releasing yet, because I am thinking of adding a few more songs to it. The video is now in post production, so should be able to show a trailer to you by October.

So I am relieved and excited to let you know that its finally coming through, I think you will all be really excited when you see how neat not only the music cd is, but the video will be as well.

So please stay tuned, we have some really exciting stuff coming through this year 🙂

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