October is national bullying prevention month

October is national bullying prevention month

I thought this would be a great time for me to bring up the non-profit organization I am involved in. Kids for Peace is an organization that promotes peace and kindness. They have chapters all over the world, where kids do service projects helping others, learn about kindness and ways to promote peace, and caring for our earth.
What a great lesson for kids to learn, and also the people they are touching with their acts of kindness.

So many people and schools are tying to combat bullying with anti-bullying campaigns and I think that is so important, but I think we also need to phrase things in the positive for our kids. Just like its better to phrase things in the positive when your kids are making a bad choice, it’s better to phrase things on the positive when talking about peace

My neighborhood opened our own Kids for Peace chapter. We are planning on doing a lot of different things this year. The next meeting we will be making dog chew toys out of jeans and t-shirts and then delivering them to the
Humane Society. Future meetings we are going to to a homeless shelter and deliver blankets, stuffed toys and books to the kids.

If you are ever interested in setting up a chapter in your area, let me know and I can give you the information.

Below is the Peace Pledge that the Kids for Peace children created

There is also this video which explains more about Kids for Peace

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