My Kids Love This

I recently discovered Zui, I love it and so do my kids. Zui is an internet browser that is designed specifically for kids and has kid friendly things on it. So instead of your child searching through google, they can search on Zui, and you can feel comforted that the things they are looking at are kid friendly.

We must face it, our kids are surrounded by technology. Its a different world now then when most of us were growing up. I remember when I was a senior in High School, they had just come out with a Word Processor, and I was so thrilled when my father gave it to me as a graduation gift. I no longer had to deal with a typewriter, it was a thrilling day. After I finished college, computers came out where regular people could buy them, and I remember being even more excited.

Nowadays our kids have computers, Ipods, Ipads, Wii, and many different things to do and play. Its up to us to make sure our kids live balanced lives. They can play on the computer, they can play on the Wii, they can play board games, read books, play outside, do crafts, etc. Its up to us to watch their time limit on doing these things, so they can be balanced. I truly believe that computer time is good and important for our kids. This is the era we are living in. I recently visited my mother’n law and my 9 year old nephew was teaching me how to do animation. Animation !! and he is 9. Its amazing the things kids can learn to do nowadays. It can really help build their self confidence when they learn new things.

The thing I love about Zui, is I really don’t need to worry if what my kids are doing is safe, Of course I will still check in with them on it, and am sometimes interactive with what they are doing on there, but sometimes I just let them play freely and have a good time. My 6 year old likes to play the games and search on the web via Zui, and my 4 year old likes watching the Youtube videos and listening to the music.

If you want a great and fun learning experience for your kids, check out Zui, your kids will love it 🙂

Thanks for being a part of this blog, and feel free to share this post. I think its really important for our kids to stay safe on the internet, so would like to spread Zui around as much as possible.

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