My Daughter And Her Ice Cream Shoes

My daughter and I went for ice cream a few months ago and she decided to wear her princess dress up shoes, now every time we go for ice cream she has to wear her “ice cream shoes”. Ice cream is an exciting experience for her because she has a dairy allergy. She is actually allergic to dairy, peanuts and dogs, so even at almost 4 years old she is used to eating and doing things differently than a lot kids. When I first put her in preschool she actually was segregated to a separate table all by herself when the kids would eat lunch. I decided to switch her school and her new one made the school peanut free (it wasn’t before) and the teachers actually look around on the weekend to get the whole class snacks she can eat too. I would always bring in snacks, but sometimes if they were having popcorn they wanted to find her popcorn she could eat. Yes its a great school. When she goes to a birthday party she accepts that she can’t eat what the other kids are eating, without getting upset, she happily accepts a yummy marshmallow or icepop.

Back to her ice cream experience-she of course doesn’t eat real ice cream, she has either sherbert or soy yogurt when she goes. And she loves it ! One time we went they only had peanut soy yogurt, and I spoke to the owner and let them know of my daughter’s allergies, and since then every time we go she always has something she can eat.

I will always have fond memories of my daughter and her ice cream shoes 🙂

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