Kids enjoying nature

My children love nature. They can spend hours and hours just exploring nature, and get completely lost in it. From looking at flowers, to exploring in dirt, to bugs, and more. Today my son took a picture of this squirrel, and I thought it was wonderful. I decided to create it into an image to share with my Facebook followers.

He happened to see the post, with the quote around it, and got really excited that I shared it. Moments later he takes another photo of this plant, and asked me how I put the text around the squirrel. I quickly showed him using Picmonkey, (I recently learned about Picmonkey from Natalie Chiles at Crafting Crazy) And then voila, here he has his very own image. Its pure, its straight from the mind and heart of a 7 year old boy that wants to make a difference in the world 🙂

By the way I am still learning Picmonkey so in case you can’t read the images, the first one says “Its the little things that can make your child’s day”. The second one says “Every sprout counts, respect the environment”

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