I am The King Of Balance

I finally decided to play the Wii with my kids. My husband got it a few months ago, and I was pretty against doing it with them. When I am playing games with my kids, I prefer to play board games, or something imaginative or active. Last night my son (6 yrs) said –Mommy you like to workout why don’t you try this Wii fit I bet you will like it. So we took it out, and it turned out to be really fun. We were playing the balance games, and I realized how much I need to improve my balance. He got on it and did amazing. I started telling him that he was the king of balance. I must have told him a few times, and he really seemed to like it. We played for about 20 minutes and it was really enjoyable. Than tonight we took it out again, and as soon as he took his turn, he said “I am the king of balance”. I thought it was so cool. I figured I would write a post about it, not because I am saying everyone should play the Wii fit, but to show again the concept of affirmations and how effective they are with kids. Now my son has “I am the king of balance” as an affirmation for himself.

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