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Whale Yoga Review:  

There are so many strong images that come to my mind when I think about yoga.  I think of calmness, good breathing techniques, and flexibility.  Those are all wonderful concepts that can be brought to life when you actually do try yoga.

 In the past I have not done yoga for one main reason.  I am not as coordinated as I thought I’d have to be to do it properly.  Let’s face it; my leg isn’t going behind my head any time soon.  I made a decision that I wasn’t going to let my insecurities stop my children from experiencing all the amazing benefits of yoga.  Plus, from home I knew that I could try yoga with them and it could be a special experience for us all to enjoy together.  I found the perfect video to deliver the sought after calmness, good breathing techniques, and flexibility I was seeking for the entire family.   That video is Whale Yoga For Kids.

 This video is most fascinating because it simulates the movements that whales make when moving in the ocean and shows children (and adults) how we can learn those moves and achieve more relaxation and greater flexibility.  The creator of Whale Yoga For Kids is Jodi Komitor and her love for yoga, children, and balance are inspirational and motivating.

 One of the things about the video that my children and I absolutely love is when they put the compresses on their eyes.  They enjoy seeing the kids in the video do it and then following right along.  The moment is always special because it makes me feel so connected to myself and my children.

 All of the moves in Whale Yoga For Kids are easy to learn.  It certainly helps that they are mimicked off of actual whale movements.  Most every child has a fascination with whales and thinks of them as very dear creatures from their children’s stories.  Their fascination carries over into calmness and relaxation as they follow along with this video.  I’ll admit; my fascination also carries over.  I often find myself saying, “Oh, I needed that one”.  That’s what a good stretch and release with a great yoga pose can do for you.  The funniest part of that is that I didn’t even realize that I was saying that until my daughter picked up on it.  Now when I hear my little one saying, “Oh, I needed that one” I get smiles and joy that far surpass anything I would have expected.  It’s pretty great that all of those things come from a yoga video.

 Are you curious about Whale Yoga For Kids?  Make sure you check out the video that shows you Jodi’s phenomenal approach to yoga  at the Whale yoga preview video 

If you are interested in improving your family’s calmness, breathing techniques and flexibility you can purchase this great video at Order Whale Yoga for your kids.  I hope you find the same joy and connect with your children that I have by doing yoga together.

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