Finding Joy In Everything You Do

My 4 year old daughter wanted to help me put the sheets on her bed, so I let her help.

She has a slide type bed, so its set up where there is a top bunk, not the easiest bed to put sheets on. We went up to the top and she grabbed the corners of the sheet to strap them under the bed. Then as she went to grab the other side the one side flipped off. She was laughing hysterically. I thought it was funny that something that would normally frustrate me, she thought was so hilarious. so I also laughed with her.

Then she proceeded to the other side, and the same thing happened. As we went to grab the bed sheet, she put it over her head, and was a ghost for a minute, and then brought it to the top. It took about 20 minutes longer than normal, but was alot more fun ! I realize we can’t do this all of the time, due to time schedules, etc. But we can always remember, that sometimes its OK for something to take longer if we are going to find the joy in doing it 🙂


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