Enjoying Finding Nemo

My kids have been watching Finding Nemo lately. I have been really enjoying watching it with them. There are several points in the movie that relate to positive thinking, so thought I would point them out.
-Dory the fish says “Keep swimming” “Keep swimming”, no matter what happens to them on their journey to find Nemo. “Keep swimming” is actually an affirmation, sometimes she says it, other times she sings it.

-When Nemo is in the fish tank, and he gets stuck, I think its Gil that says—“You got yourself in there, you can get yourself out”. This really is showing the I can do attitude. Nemo grew up thinking he couldn’t do things because of his bad fin, but now is learning that he can do them.

-When Marlin was freaking out at one point in the movie, Dory teaches him to breathe to calm down. She says “Relax take a deep breath” and they breathe together for a few seconds.

-When all of the fish get stuck in the net, Nemo tells Marlin to tell all of the fish to “swim down”. He keeps saying “swim down”, than says “keep swimming”. Even says “don’t give up keep swimming”. All of the fish keep swiming down, and actually broke free of the net.

Ok so I realize this is a movie, but it does bring up some great things to explain to our kids on what these concepts mean. And its amazing how sometimes they can understand it even better when seeing it firsthand from a fictional character.

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