Do You Want Your Kids To Be In Our Upcoming DVD?

The idea of the “Sharing our smiles” contest came up after one of our Video production meetings. We were talking about how we really wanted to show how helping others and smiling at others can really benefit each child, and also the people surrounding the child. That was when we started brainstorming, and all of a sudden we came up with the name of the song “Sharing our smiles”. Through the song we will be visually able to show to kids how smiling, sharing their smile (smiling at others) can help them smile, and also the other person smile. Its going to be really special and neat part in the video. Captain Positive is going to be dressed in a doctor’s coat before the start of the song, to show how smiling releases happy chemicals in your brain, and the concept of sharing your smile and how contagious it is (although I don’t think he is going to use the word contagious-lol) .

I realized what a better way to share smiles than to involve Positively Kids Facebook Fans. I have really grown so attached to this page, and the people that are involved in it, that I thought it would be fun to get you involved. So with the contest you are going to have the opportunity to send a video clip of your kids sharing their smile (however that may be), and you will submit it to my page. Looking for clips that are 3 seconds long to 1 minute. No more than a minute 🙂 In order to qualify to appear in the DVD, it will need to be in a certain format –H264, Iphones, flip camera and many other video cameras are compatible.

But I also decided to have everyone be able to participate even if you don’t have the right type of camera (it just wouldn’t qualify to appear in our DVD), but still be eligible for the contest. So there will be 2 things going on with the contest—1-Eligible to have kids appear in our DVD, 2-Win prizes if your video gets the most likes 🙂 I am still working out details in terms of how to actually run a contest on Facebook, but should have those soon. In the meantime–start pulling up old video clips of your kids, or take new ones. Don’t worry I’ll give you a few weeks notice before the contest begins to allow plenty of time.

My ultimate goal is to really get people smiling across the world. I know how I get when I see a video or a picture of kids/people smiling having a good time. I can’t help but smile myself.

Ps–There are going to be some rules associated with actually appearing in our DVD, for example no visible logos can be in the video, and I’ll need to get a file if your video clip gets accepted for better quality, But I’ll explain all of that clearer when the time comes 🙂

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