Despicable Me

Today was a really busy day. It was my son’s 6th birthday party, so between everyone jumping on inflatables, than eating pizza, cake and presents, my kids were exhausted by night time. I decided to let them watch the movie Desipicable me. I was hesitant letting them watch it, because the name is so awful, but after looking at some of the reviews I decided it was ok. The movie to my surprise, was actually pretty good, very thoughtful at times. I think I could have done without the kids living in the boxes in the beginning of the movie, but other than that no major complaints. Than when my daughter was going to bed tonight, she was actually singing “Despicable me, despicable me”. How awful ! I really don’t want her saying that, even if she doesn’t really understand what it means–she is 3. It also reaffirms what we are doing with the videos, because I would much rather my child go to bed saying “I choose to be Happy” or “I love smiling” rather than “Despicable me”.

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