Positively Kids Releases Contagious Sharing Our Smiles Video

Positively Kids releases their contagious, heart-touching Sharing Our Smiles video, based on the song from their award-winning Captain Positive: Be Happy music CD.

San Diego, Ca (PRWEB) December 30, 2011

Positively Kids a groundbreaking company dedicated to “developing big hearts and bright minds” in today’s youth, has released their Sharing Our Smiles video. This heart-touching video shows how powerful a simple, joyous smile can be, and how quickly it can touch and warm a heart.

According to Stacey Crumrine, founder of Positively Kids, “Smiles are contagious! This beautiful song conveys the power of sharing our inner warmth with the world, just by smiling. It’s a concept that even the youngest listeners will understand and want to practice every day.”

Captain Positive: Be Happy debuted to rave reviews from psychologists, parenting experts and moms everywhere. It earned the 2011 Best of Excellence award from Creative Child, as well as the Mom’s Best Award. Sharing Our Smiles is just one song from the CD, but the video is evocative of Positively Kids’ goals in teaching kids the power of positive thinking and just how much a smile can affect those around them.

Stacey says, “I wanted the Sharing our Smiles music video to feature kids sharing pure happiness in a variety of ways. I put the word out to our fabulous Facebook community via a contest last year and was amazed by the submissions. The result is a video that’s special beyond my wildest hopes and expectations. After hearing from fans about why their pictures were so special and meaningful to them, I grew so attached to the project that I even learned how to edit video, just to make sure each precious photo was placed precisely where it belonged.”

To view the full blog post about the photo submissions, visit the Positively Kids blog.

Sharing Our Smiles is a wonderful song, and the video is an experience that viewers will not soon forget. The power of a child’s smile is truly amazing.

About Positively Kids: Positively Kids is dedicated to providing parents and caregivers with the tools needed to have a positive impact on the precious children in their lives. The company is devoted to teaching children the power of positivity, how to have confidence in themselves and how the power of joy can change the world.
To learn more about Positively Kids, visit http://www.PositivelyKids.com.

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