Positively Kids Releases the Latest Captain Positive Video: Captain Positive and the Positive Patter

Positively Kids Releases the Latest Captain Positive Video: Captain Positive and the Positive Patter – Teaching Children the Power of Positive Thinking Through Song

San Diego, CA (PRWEB) May 17, 2012

Positively Kids recently released the next clip in the Captain Positive video series on YouTube. Captain Positive and the Positive Patter is the latest video release that will also soon be featured on the upcoming Captain Positive DVD and that is based on a song from the award winning music album Captain Positive: Be Happy.

The Positive Patter video is an important visualization tool for kids. It allows them to close their eyes and imagine positive experiences through rhythmic word association. Endlessly entertaining, this video will entertain children for hours as they watch over and over and memorize every word of the catchy tune sung by their friend Captain Positive.

With music, laughter and the power of positive words, Captain Positive leads a sing-along that will have children everywhere singing and dancing with positive thoughts swirling in their heads. The upbeat tune will lead kids to sing this song over and over. Each time they sing along with Captain Positive, the positive message of the song will be reinforced within their thinking.

A positive attitude and mindset are incredibly valuable, especially at an early age. Training children to think positively will give them an advantage in almost all that they do in life. Positively Kids, through their lovable character Captain positive teaches kids how to view life from a positive perspective and in the process instill in them a high level of self-esteem and self-empowerment.

Positive Patter will be prominently featured on the upcoming DVD, and the video gives parents, care givers and educators a powerful tool in the quest to teach children how to think positively. It also gives children the skills to cope with any of life’s challenges. By empowering children through laughter and kid-centric affirmations, Captain Positive lays the foundation to help them grow up to avoid the depression and negative forces so common in modern culture and society.

Positively Kids was founded in 2010 by mom, Stacey Crumrine. The company’s mission is to provide parents, caregivers, and educators with the tools they need to teach kids how to think and live in a positive environment. With the help of contributors including prominent Neuropsychologists, authors, family coaches, parents, educators and more, Positively Kids has created a culture that permeates all of its entertaining and informative programs and materials. Using their character creation “Captain Positive,” the super-hero of positive thinking, Positively Kids produces CD’s, DVD’s and games to help prepare kids for the years and challenges ahead and arm them with a positive attitude to carry throughout their lives.

To learn more about Positively Kids visit: http://www.positivelykids.com.

To see the Youtube video, Captain Positive and the Positive Patter visit http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=st1mefSceAY&feature=plcp

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