Impact on Children With Special Needs

Positively Kids “Be Happy” CD Now Earns Rave Reviews for Impact on Children With Special Needs:

San Diego, CA (PRWEB) January 16, 2012

Child psychologists and educators working with special needs children agree: The Captain Positive Be Happy CD also benefits kids with social & intellectual challenges.

Faced with such daunting challenges, it’s important for parents, educators, psychologists and other aids to use every tool at their disposal to help unlock a special needs child’s creativity, positivity, self worth and self reliance. Utilizing laughter, music and kid-friendly affirmations, the new CD “Captain Positive: Be Happy” from the Positively Kids collection, a series made to entertain and empower all children, has recently earned rave reviews from top experts in the special needs field.

“Captain Positive: Be Happy” CD Empowers kids with music, fun and positive messages.

According to the US Department of Education, learning and developmental disabilities ranging from ADHD and dyslexia to Autism Spectrum Disorders affect approximately 5% of all children attending public schools, and as many as 50% more go undiagnosed, according to the National Institute of Literacy. What’s more, clinical data has found that, treated or untreated, many “special needs” children will find that their learning and developmental disabilities often occur alongside or even result in disorders like manic depression, anxiety or even information processing issues.

By harnessing the power of pure entertainment to deliver messages of positivity and empowerment, the “Captain Positive: Be Happy” CD can help to make coping with their differences a bit easier for those with special needs. Special Education Teacher Krista Glover agrees: “Being an education specialist, I use music as a valuable tool to educate my students. Music is one of the best ways to teach all children, especially children with special needs, who often need other modalities to tap into their unique skills.”

About “Captain Positive: Be Happy,” Glover had this to say, “Be Happy is a must have for all parents and teachers who want their children to grow up with a positive attitude and live their lives with joy and love. Educating children about the power of a positive, optimistic attitude is a wonderful gift that will prepare them to navigate through the challenges they face as they grow up.”

“What a wonderful gift this CD gives to children – the skills of thinking positive, and finding one’s own inspiration and encouragement from within,” commented Deborah Pontillo, Ph.D., a Pediatric Psychologist. “So many kids are fraught with low self-esteem and low self-confidence – especially those with unique challenges such as autism spectrum disorders, ADHD, and/or other behavioral or learning difficulties. These children in particular need to be reminded of their unique skills, talents, and strengths, and to focus on all the positive and wonderful qualities they possess. I recommend this CD to any family who wants their child to have a balanced and positive outlook on themselves and their future,” she asserted.

The “Captain Positive: Be Happy” CD seeks to empower children by teaching them to tap their inner strength and embrace life’s challenges through a fun and eclectic musical collection. As kids laugh, smile and sing along, they will learn that like Captain Positive, they can choose to be happy. By teaching children about positive thinking, the Captain Positive series is providing them with a skill that will empower them throughout the rest of their lives.

Heidi Adler is the Clinic Director at Anova Center for Education, a non-profit school serving children and adults with autism spectrum disorders and learning disabilities. After listening to “Captain Positive: Be Happy,” she commented, “This CD is fabulous! It is a wonderful compilation of songs that are fun to listen to and have great messages about dealing with feelings, staying positive, and taking care of yourself. The songs are uplifting and catchy and make you want to sing and dance along with the music. Our students here at the ACE school will enjoy and benefit from listening to these songs for years to come.”

About Positively Kids
Founded in 2010 in San Diego by mom Stacey Crumrine, Positively Kids brings parents, caregivers, and educators many tools that they can give to the precious little minds for maximum positive impact. Positively Kids weaves its “Captain Positive” character, the super-hero of positive thinking, through CDs like the just released “Captain Positive: Be Happy”, the soon to be released “Captain Positive: Be Calm,” plus DVDs and more, as a means of preparing kids for the years and challenges ahead and arming them with a positive attitude to carry throughout their lives.

With the help of contributors including prominent Neuropsychologists, authors, family coaches, educators and more, Positively Kids has created a culture that permeates all of its entertaining and informative programs and materials. And, although everyone at Positively Kids realizes that the world is not something they can completely control, they do believe that any child, no matter their age, attitude or circumstance, can be taught how to:

*Change the world by acting positively
*Think with positive self-esteem and confidence
*Grow their minds and open up to the opportunities that are presented to them
*Be inspired by positive beliefs
*Feel healthy inside and out
*Have confidence in their decisions
*Help others see the benefit of thinking positive
*Be motivated off of the good, not the bad
*How to have a positive outlook and see the possibilities in life

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