Christmas Party for Military Kids

Rod Luck’s annual Christmas Party for Military Kids, an amazing experience aimed at making Christmas a joyous time for kids with parents deployed in war zones, sees its 10th year.

San Diego, Ca (PRWEB) December 31, 2011

Rod Luck’s 10th annual Christmas Party for Military Kids was held on December 18th and highlighted the coming together of an amazing group of San Diego organizations to benefit kids. The event is organized and hosted by San Diego’s Rod Luck, former newsman for KUSI-TV, and is designed to ensure that kids with parents deployed in war zones have the Christmas they deserve.

The party was a wonderful experience for the kids and families in attendance. It featured a breakfast prepared by the Hard Rock Café, and the local Marines and sailors also pitched in to help. Santa was in attendance to take pictures with the kids and the atmosphere was truly joyous for all in attendance.

Several different local organizations came together to make this year’s party possible. Hosted at the Hard Rock Café, the party was for 50 kids, all of whom were recommended by the Armed Services YMCA.

Rod Luck is the organizer and founder of the event. In years past, he was also the sole funder. This year, Rod had help from The Nice Guys, a San Diego organization dedicated to helping individuals and families in the community. The Nice Guys, SDG&E, Alpha project, and several other sponsors came together and were able to donate a $55 gift card per child.

The Nice Guys is a nonprofit group of San Diego businesspeople dedicated to providing for the needs of families and individuals within San Diego struggling to meet life’s challenges. The organization has helped hundreds of people in San Diego in a variety of ways, from donating wheelchair vans to providing clothing, food and more. To learn more about The Nice Guys, visit

Stacey Crumrine, founder of Positively Kids, also attended, where she donated copies of the organization’s award-winning Captain Positive: Be Happy music CD. Positively Kids is an organization dedicated to providing parents and caregivers with the tools needed to have a positive impact on the precious children in their lives. The organization is devoted to teaching children the power of positivity, how to have confidence in themselves and how the power of joy can change the world. To learn more about Positively Kids, visit

The San Diego Armed Services provides comprehensive, ongoing services to military service members and their families through over 40 free programs and services that help strengthen young families as they learn to cope with the unique challenges of military life. To learn more about The San Diego Armed Services, visit

By coming together and joining forces, these local organizations and individuals have been able to make an immense difference in the lives of the children invited to Rod Luck’s Christmas Party for Military Kids.

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