So far The ABC Song is our most popular video, so I thought it made sense to add to my website 🙂 The ABC Song will teach children “I am affirmations” through the alphabet. Kids will learn that Being Positive is as Easy as ABC Empowering musical messages are a great way to entertain kids in the car as they go back to school […]Continue Reading »

Dr. Spencer Wetter, a Positively Kids contributor, and Neuropsychologist at Applied Neuropsychology Institute talks about how the Positive Triad can help kids. Our understanding of positive affirmations has its roots in the model of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy. The model is simple and yet has been proven to be successful as a method to improve one’s mood and outlook on life. Our feelings are difficult to simply […]Continue Reading »

The Nutrition Mom. Has a new program that is fantastic. I always like to support things that can help streamline things for families. The more organized we are as parents, the more calm we are, the more patience we have. Less stress. Food is a big part of this. We want to give our kids food that is good for them, and we also want […]Continue Reading »

October is national bullying prevention month I thought this would be a great time for me to bring up the non-profit organization I am involved in. Kids for Peace is an organization that promotes peace and kindness. They have chapters all over the world, where kids do service projects helping others, learn about kindness and ways to promote peace, and caring for our earth. What […]Continue Reading »

My 7 year old picked up on my bad day the other day, and told me “Don’t let the bad day bed bugs bite”. I love how observant our kids are.Continue Reading »