This is one of my favorite lines from our song “Sharing our Smiles”. I just had to turn it into a poster 🙂Continue Reading »

Friends sometimes ask me why I am so in LOVE with Kids for Peace. I am a chapter leader for my neighborhood and on the Programs Committee, getting to help organize things on the broader scale for this non profit organization. Kids for Peace is volunteer run. There is only 1 paid employee in the entire organization. Basically you are teaching kids to become Peace […]Continue Reading »

This is such a wonderful way to connect with your kids. Really important for them to feel comfortable telling you the good and the bad of their day 🙂Continue Reading »

I am getting so excited to release our latest song “It’s Just Another Bump in the Road………. We just got an amazing review from Doe Zantamata from Happiness in Your Life , he said, “It’s a really great song, beautiful, and the words, when people listen to them over and over will serve as positive affirmations to be able to accomplish moving on and letting […]Continue Reading »

In this video clip, Captain Positive sings Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, but doesn’t quite know the words, so two adorable girls teach him the song, and it is quite a treat to watch. Raving fans of the video clip 🙂 “You know when you mess up and your inner self talk can have you stuck on it? THIS is a great way to be “okay” […]Continue Reading »